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365 Days with the Sahabah is a unique storybook, which takes children on a fun-filled, day-by-day adventure throughout the life and times of the Sahabah or the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It provides a lively account of the Sahabah as persons, whose life and teachings are loved, cherished and respected by people all over the world. Every day, children will find in it a new story enshrining the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Companions, which they can apply in their daily lives.

Featuring 365 stories, this book introduces children to wonderful world of the Sahabah and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Children will love the colourful illustrations and captivating stories, charmingly told in simple language.


Nombre de pages : 256

Modèle – Format : 19 x 27 cm


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